Waterford 2033 – Visioning and Community Planning

In 2033 our Village will be 300 years old and the Waterford Foundation will be nearly 100 years old. In 1930 the folks who were then Friends and Neighbors in Waterford did something remarkable, something with vision and commitment, they began preserving Waterford for generations to come.
Now, the Waterford Citizens Association, in partnership with the Waterford Foundation, is launching a Vision and Community Planning effort we are calling Waterford 2033. We aim to develop a unifying community plan for the Village based on a shared vision of what we want the Village to be in the future, along with the strategy and resources to implement that plan.

Benefits for the community

  • Together, we will develop a consolidated, unified community plan that will help address anticipated key issues the Village will face over the next 20 years.
  • We will have a plan to help interact with each level of elected officials (county, state and federal), state agencies (e.g., VDOT), and utilities (e.g., Dominion Energy, Verizon, Comcast, Loudoun Water).
  • We will develop more clearly defined roles and responsibilities – and areas for support, synergy and collaboration – between the Waterford Citizens Association and the Waterford Foundation.
  • We will better utilize strategic policy tools for the historic preservation and open space protection of this unique Village.

Our ask of you

Your participation and input throughout the community planning process is vitally important. Based on your feedback from this questionnaire, our next step will be to organize a series of community input sessions to further discuss the themes and initiatives identified.
  • Online Questionnaire (Printed questionnaire) for input to discover the themes that rise to the top and demonstrate common concerns. These themes will help us focus our plan on the things that are most important to the Waterford community.