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Drilling for water by the John Wesley Church in Waterford Virginia

Drilling a well at the John Wesley Church

The WCA Water Committee is an ad hoc committee created by the Board of Officers of the Waterford Citizens Association to investigate and advise on water problems and initiatives within the Village. For purposes of this Committee, the term Waterford Village encompasses those properties within the Waterford Public Sewage District boundaries.

The committee is undertaking an investigation of the village water problems in order to inform and enhance understanding of the issues so that future community action is collective and furthers the common good and general welfare of the village. We are working with villagers, the Waterford Foundation, the Water Coordinators and Loudoun County to better understand concerns and options to resolve these water issues. The findings of our efforts will be presented on this webpage and at WCA sponsored open meetings.

Latest News

The Waterford Water Feasibility Study was approved and funded. The study will take one year with a likely finish in the Spring of 2022.

The WCA attended a December meeting with Loudoun County General Services and Loudoun Water to review and discuss the Water Feasibility Study planned for Waterford. Representatives from the Waterford Community Coordinators for the application process, the WCA, and the Waterford Foundation were present at the meeting. A copy of the meeting summary notes are here for your review.

The Water Committee will attend future meetings to monitor the process and in parallel will continue its independent and impartial research and community meetings to keep villagers informed.

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