Membership Types

Individual Member - Every resident or property owner of the Waterford Area who is eighteen years of age or older. Entitled to one vote. $20.

Family Member - Two or more household members who otherwise meet all of the requirements of an Individual Member. Entitled to a maximum of two votes. $30.

Youth Member - An individual resident of the Waterford Area who is between fifteen and eighteen years of age. Entitled to one vote. Free.

Business Member - Any enterprise that is licensed to conduct business by the County of Loudoun and whose principal place of business is located in the Waterford Area. Entitled to one vote. $60.

Nonprofit Member - Any entity that has qualified as a tax-exempt organization under the revenue laws of the United States or of the Commonwealth of Virginia and whose headquarters or principal address is located in the Waterford Area. Entitled to one vote. $30.

Associate Member - Any person who is not a resident or property owner in the Waterford Area who demonstrates a commitment to the objectives of the Association. Not entitled to vote or to serve as an officer or standing-committee chairperson.