Beautification Activities

Weeding the Village Green in Waterford VA in Loudoun County

Weeding the Village Green

The Waterford Citizens' Association has been caring for Waterford's landscape since its inception in 1954.


Dominion Energy is completing a routing of supplemental lines around the village using Clover Hill to a crossing of South Fork Catoctin Creek to service demand along Old Wheatland. The three poles at the Clover Hill juncture are certainly unfortunate (See photo). Neither the WCA nor the Waterford Foundation had any advance warning of this work. In June 2019 the WCA had asked Dominion to informalities us of their activities that would affect the village. Dominion has not yet replied to this request.


Planted four roadside trees; three as replacements for trees lost over the past 3 years.

The first sidewalk repair was undertaken as part of the WCA plan to encourage the fixing of village sidewalks.

The WCA and Waterford Foundation met with Dominion Electric after Dominion’s brutal tree trimming. It was proposed that Dominion Electric alert both the WCA and the Waterford Foundation of expected trimming and that a pre-trim walk through be held. It was also requested that future power utility plans for line upgrades be made public well ahead of any such upgrades.

At the request of the WCA and Waterford Foundation, the County repaired a rotted sill and painted the roof of the jail. The county also helped clean out the drainage channel and removed a dead tree on site and at the Weavers Cottage.

As part of the WCA’s commitment to the American Chestnut Foundation, the eight chestnut trees on the Water Street Meadow and Phillips Farm plots were maintained by volunteers.

wca tree tag to identify trees planted by the waterford citizens' association

Tag to identify trees planted by the WCA

Small brass tags were affixed to trees the WCA has planted over the past 50 years.


Major maintenance of the village drainage ditches were carried out by VDOT and Loudoun County. The WCA is now making sure that these ditches are maintained so as to improve runoff in heavy rains.


The village green swale was completed by the County. The swale is the first instance in the village (perhaps in the County) of VDOT contractors using historically-consistent design and materials for road infrastructure. The challenge going forward will be to ensure the spot is not used for parking, in particular because the WCA not VDOT will be responsible for its maintenance.

Planting a maple tree by the Old School in Waterford Loudoun County Virginia

Planting a maple tree by the Old School

New redbud trees were planted to replace those that had not survived the winter, and one tree was taken down.

The Village Green was landscaped and planting started by Mary Hutton.

Drainage swale completed along the Village Green in Waterford VA

Drainage swale completed along the Village Green