WCA Officers & Committee Chairs


President: Ray Daffner,  email.

Vice President, Jill Kadish,  email.

Secretary: Mary Sheehan, email.

Treasurer: Julia Thompson, email.


Beautification/Environmental Committee: Nick Ratcliffe,  email.

Cemetery Committee: Paul Rose, email.

Membership Committee: Ed Lehmann, email.

Preservation Committee: M email.

Social Committee: Jill Kadish email.

Special Events Committee: Ann Belland, email.

Traffic Committee: Meredith Imwalle email.

Water Committee: Mark Sullivan email.

Waterford 2033: Kate Wyatt  email.

Committee Missions

Beautification Committee — organizes village cleanups, tree/bulb planting, signage, etc.

Cemetery Committee — helps maintain the Waterford Union of Churches Cemetery

Environmental Committee — looks at issues involving our water and sewage

Fundraising Committee — raises much-needed funds to support all of our other efforts

Membership Committee — recruits new members and organizes membership activities

Preservation Committee — ensures the preservation of our historic community

Traffic Committee — organizes our street and traffic plans

Waterford 2033 — This is a vision and community planning effort aimed to develop a unifying community plan for the Village based on a shared vision of what we want the Village to be in the future.