The Waterford Citizens' Association is committed to preserving the privately-owned historic buildings and open spaces of the Waterford National Historic Landmark (NHL), and to ensuring that Waterford’s public infrastructure (streets, parking, electric power, water and sewerage, telecoms) evolves in a way that respects preservation goals, in collaboration with the Waterford Foundation (WF) and other preservation partners.

This includes:

1. Defining, revising, monitoring initial strategic goals and planning framework
2. Promoting continued preservation of Waterford’s private residences and artifacts
3. Stewarding preservation aims regarding the village’s common public infrastructure
4. Supporting the Waterford Foundation on their preservation aims, including the open spaces of Phillips Farm
5. Strengthening links with County preservation partners
6. Communicating regularly with the Waterford community on preservation

2020 Actions

Letter to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington Concerning the Development of the Oakland Farm

WCA Preservation Committee Medium-Term Areas of Action*

  1. Strategic goals and planning:
    a. Assemble advisory group (knowledge of public infrastructure preservation)
    b. Carry out WCA membership survey on preservation topic.
    c. Prepare an annual report to membership
  2. Promote continued preservation of private residences:
    a. Encourage historic easements on uneased private residences
    b. Encourage awareness of Loudoun HDRC guidelines among private homeowners
    c. Work with homeowners to document any artifacts or historic items
  3. Steward preservation of common public infrastructure:
    a. Ensure coherence of developments under the County-approved Waterford Traffic Management Plan with preservation goals
        i. Liaise with the WCA Traffic Committee on preservation-appropriate design of chicanes, new village signs; proposed Byway study
        ii. Monitor preservation-related developments regarding village parking
        iii. Coordinate with historic roads overlay (Loudoun Rural Roads Committee)
    b. Ensure coherence of Dominion electric plans with preservation goals
        i. Liaise with the WCA Beautification Committee on ongoing and new projects
    c. Similarly with water, sewerage, telecoms (tbd, as needed)
  4. Support WF on their preservation aims, as appropriate:
    a. Liaise with WF Preservation Committee and its Sub-Committees
        i. Assist in educating residents on Phillips Farm preservation goals and monitoring
        ii. Support WF historical collections by encouraging residents to donate objects, letters, images and other ephemera
    b. Support conservation easement and open space in the Waterford area where possible
       i. Contribute to WF virtual event or mini-events – possible fundraising
       ii. Assist if needed with placement of NHL historic marker
    c. NHL 50th anniversary event
       i. Contribute to WF virtual event or mini-events – possible fundraising
    ii. Assist if needed with placement of NHL historic marker
  5. Strengthen links with County preservation partners:
    a. E.g., Loudoun County Preservation Coalition (LCPC); Loudoun Historic Village Alliance (LHVA); Lovettsville and other Loudoun incorporated towns
    b. Monitor developments of Loudoun County Historic Preservation Review Committee
*Depending on community and partner interest, and realistic possibilities given Covid-19 pandemic