Waterford Water Study Timeline
Informing the Community

In 2017, a group of Waterford property owners decided to apply for a Loudoun County Community Water Program Feasibility Study. This program analyses a community's current conditions and and offers technical viability of conceptual solutions (options). It creates a detailed systematic approach to solving existing and potential future water issues. Waterford was accepted for this study in November 2019.


  • 2020 10-15 The WCA, Water Coordinators, and Foundation provided and short presentation on the Water Feasibility Next Steps and Q&A session with the Waterford community over Zoom. Questions answered from this presentation.
  • 2020 08-26 Waterford Feasibility Community Presentation
  • 2020 05-19 Draft Scope of Work for Waterford Water Feasibility Study
  • 2020 1-12 Email to village on the Dec. 19 meeting with Loudoun County General Services and Loudoun Water
  • 2019 12-17 Email to village on the Feasibility Study acceptance
  • 2019 12-17 Loudoun County letter of acceptance for the feasibility study.
  • 2019 03 Overview of the Loudoun County Water assistance Program
  • 2018 03-30 Submitted Waterford Water Assistance Program Application
  • 2018 03-09 Letter to village residents from property owners who want to have the County conduct the feasibility study.
  • 2018 02-21 Email to property owners about the Feb 21 meeting to discuss a Waterford Application for the County Water Assistance Program



Keywords: water wells, waterford va, drinking water, water quality