Waterford Traffic Surveys

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Here are data from various studies on traffic on Waterford roads.

2016 Daily traffic Counts
Total  Source
Location vehicles ArrivingLeaving
Clarke's Gap - South of Factory6,3243,5632,761
Start of Loyalty - South of Factory3,0301,2551,775
Bottom of Main Street - South of Factory3,2791,4751,804
2014 Daily traffic Counts
Location vehicles
Clarke's Gap - South of Factory3,500
2009 Daily traffic Counts
Location vehicles
Lower Main2,600
2nd - Between Patrick & Janney1,600
Factory (2010)1,700
2005 Daily traffic Counts
Location vehicles
High - Between Church & Main2,200
2nd - Between Patrick & Janney2.200
Clarke's Gap - South of Factory3,200
2003 Daily traffic Counts
No. vehicles at different speeds
Location vehicles 0-20 21-2526-30 31-3536-4041-5051-70
Water St.- Between Loyalty & Main2993669100721740
High - Between Church & Main1,441762806813564341
2nd - Between Patrick & Janney1,4512926024401001430
Clarke's Gap - South of Factory3,06841411776001,1131,05541
Loyalty - East of Water/High1,42710229656136885132
Main - Between Clover Hill & Mill1,6721864097422933292
2001 Daily traffic Counts
Location vehicles
Water St.- Between Loyalty & Main340
High - Between Church & Main1,200
2nd - Between Patrick & Janney2.700
Clarke's Gap - South of Factory2,300
Loyalty - East of Water/High690
Main - Between Clover Hill & Mill750
Traffic Counts in September 1949
Location Total vehicles
High Street 470