Welcome letter header for new residents

Dear Waterford Neighbor

A warm welcome to the Waterford community from the Waterford Citizens’ Association. We hope you will enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the village and find a spirit of cooperation, caring, and conviviality among the residents. We have assembled the information below to help introduce you to some of the local organizations and other "workings" of the community.

The Waterford Citizens’ Association (WCA): The local organization concerned with civic aspects of the community including:

  • Funding and organization of the Fourth of July celebrations.(including parade, games, pie contest, and potluck dinner)
  • Advocacy of community interests including traffic, planning, and zoning.
  • Beautification of the village, planting trees along village roads, and roadside cleanup.

Membership information may be found on our web site: waterfordcitizens.org

The Waterford Foundation: A non-profit organization, founded in 1943, whose mission is to preserve the historic buildings and open spaces of the National Historic Landmark of Waterford, Virginia, and, through education, to increase the public’s knowledge of life and work in an early American rural community. It also maintains 19 historic structures and the open spaces of the Landmark. Donation and membership information may be found at waterfordfoundation.org.

The Greystone Community Pool: A private pool located on the approach to Waterford on Rte. 662; it is run cooperatively through membership fees. Visit greystonepool.org.

Churches: There are two churches in the village, both on High Street: The Waterford Baptist Church and the Catoctin Presbyterian Church.

The Waterford Market: A local institution, it offers food, sundries, fresh dairy products, and good conversation. Open 10 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday. Visit the web site.

The Post Office in "downtown" Waterford. Hours are 9:30-4:45, Monday through Friday (window closed 1-2 pm for lunch); and 9:30-11:45 Saturday; telephone is (540) 882-3545.

Watch the village bulletin board outside the Post Office for notices of meetings, lost pets, baby sitters, yard workers, etc.