Waterford Citizens Association virginia


The WCA was established in 1954 to promote citizen involvement in the Waterford community and to support the preservation of our historic heritage. View our bylaws.

Membership Benefits include: 

  • A listing in the Waterford Directory which is provided exclusively to WCA members.
  • Emails about local events of interest.
  • Input into WCA events such as our annual 4th of July activities.

Through regular emails, quarterly meetings and our community web site, www.waterfordcitizens.org, the WCA not only helps keep members abreast of local events and items of interest, but also helps to foster a strong sense of community.

Membership in the WCA entitles you and your family join with other Waterford area citizens in such popular activities as

  • Advocacy and information gathering for civic concerns
  • 4th of July potluck dinner and parade
  • Village support to Halloween "trick or treaters"
  • Christmas festivities and caroling
  • Beautifying the area through roadside cleanup and plantings

The WCA is also involved in many other activities that help improve the Waterford community:

  • Sponsoring programs and events that reflect the interests and preferences of today's generation of Waterford area homeowners. Subjects such as water resources, broadband communication options, and antique home preservation appear regularly on WCA meeting agendas.
  • Providing financial support for the maintenance of the Union Cemetery.
  • Organizing beautification projects, tree plantings, and neighborhood cleanups.
  • Implementing a comprehensive traffic calming plan.
  • Preserving Waterford's history.