Waterford Citizens Association virginia

Waterford Citizens' Association of
Waterford, Virginia

We are having fireworks on the 4th! We thank all of the firework supporters who have raised the needed $5,500.

Recent Events

Tree Planting Digging out the drainage canal on Water Street
Planting trees in Waterford Virginia Digging out the drainage canal onWater Street in Waterford Virginia
Cleaning cemetery gravestones Independance Day
Fixing cemetery markers in Waterford Virginia July 4th festivities


The Waterford Citizens' Association (WCA) was established in 1954 to support the citizens of the Waterford School District in the preservation of our historic heritage and to promote citizen involvement in the Waterford community.

Some of our functions include:

  • Advocacy and information gathering for civic concerns such as continuance of small community schools, problems with traffic on roads in and around the village, planning and zoning matters related to the historic village, adequate water supply, etc.
  • Funding and organizing the Fourth of July celebrations including a parade, games, potluck dinner, and a other activities.
  • Beautifying the village, including the planting of flowers and trees.

Some of our Successes

- Stopping through truck traffic

- Letter to HDRC on Simms House, Water use and traffic related to elementary school proposal
- Post Office stop sign letter to supervisor, Stop sign survey
- Preserving Phillips Farm from development. Letters to Warner and Wolf
- Worked with the County and Waterford Foundation to establish village house numbers.
- Court case to stating the Environmental Protection Agency is obliged to reinstitute procedures mandated by section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act before a contemplated expansion of an existing sewage system can go forward.