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Waterford Citizens' Association of
Waterford, Virginia

News Items

Annual Keep Loudoun Beautiful Campaign starts April 1 and goes through to the end of the month. For the last 35 years, at least, the Waterford Citizens Association, Beautification Committee has supported KLB by picking up roadside trash from the roads around Waterford. This year Mark Denicore and Eddie Croft will be organizing the volunteer crews. Please contact of them for information and to volunteer your time. Two years ago KLB rewarded the WCA with a $100 prize for the budget from KLB for doing a great job. The KLB web site iswww.KeepLoudounBeautiful.org. Our area leader name is the Waterford Citizens Association.

Waterford Area Management Plan needs to be reviewed. Volunteers are welcome. Contact . Read the 1987 plan.

Nominating Committee needs three members by May 15th. Contact Liz Hale, .


The Waterford Citizens' Association (WCA) was established in 1954 to support the citizens of the Waterford School District in the preservation of our historic heritage and to promote citizen involvement in the Waterford community.

Some of our functions include:

  • Advocacy and information gathering for civic concerns such as continuance of small community schools, problems with traffic on roads in and around the village, planning and zoning matters related to the historic village, adequate water supply, etc.
  • Funding and organizing the Fourth of July celebrations including a parade, games, potluck dinner, and a other activities.
  • Beautifying the village, including the planting of flowers and trees.