Waterford Citizens Association virginia

About the WCA

The Waterford Citizens' Association (WCA) was established in 1954 to support the citizens of the Waterford School District in the preservation of our historic heritage and to promote citizen involvement in the Waterford community.

Some of our functions include:

  • Funding and organizing the Fourth of July celebrations including a parade, games, and potluck dinner.
  • Working to reduce and slow traffic on roads in and around the village.
  • Advocacy and information gathering for civic concerns such as continuance of small community schools, planning and zoning matters related to the historic village, adequate water supply, etc.
  • Beautifying the village, including the planting of flowers and trees.
  • Publishing a Waterford community directory (Members only) and making contributions to nonprofit organizations such as the volunteer fire department and rescue squad.
  • Supporting the Civil War-era Union of Churches Cemetery

What is the Waterford Foundation (WF) and how does it relate to the WCA?

The Waterford Foundation is a nonprofit organization that endeavors to preserve the historic buildings and the open spaces of the National Historic Landmark District of Waterford, Virginia. The WF and the WCA are two separate organizations in Waterford with different missions, boards, and funds.

While the two organizations cooperate in many projects and both work for the benefit of Waterford, it is important to understand the difference in the two groups. The WF concentrates on the buildings and land while the WCA concentrates on the citizens and our activities. For example, the annual fair is a WF event, the annual Fourth of July activities are a WCA event.